Mobile DTV Getting High Marks

Consumers taking part in the Washington, D.C. Mobile Digital TV Consumer Showcase are giving the new TV technology high marks, rating mobile DTV a 7.1 on an excitement scale from one to 10, according to first results from the Open Mobile Video Coalition’s consumer showcase in Washington, D.C.

The OMVC launched the four-month showcase in mid-May with about 200 consumers equipped with new mobile DTV-equipped devices capable of receiving 23 mobile DTV channels broadcast over the air by nine D.C.-area TV stations. Since then, consumers have recorded more than 2,800 comments about their experience with mobile DTV.  

“While this is just the initial feedback from mobile DTV viewers, it is instructive to see how many viewers reacted positively to the potential of mobile DTV. We’ve had viewers praising the picture quality, and the flexibility mobile DTV provides them,” said Aaron Heffron, vp of Harris Interactive, which is tracking the comments from the showcase participants.

Nearly two-thirds or 63 percent of the viewing is happening while consumers are on the go, compared to 44 percent at work or school and one-third (33 percent) tuning-in from home.
Viewers are tuning into mobile DTV several times a day. Just under half watched one or two times a day. About 30 percent of viewers watch three or more times a day.

An additional 100 consumers are expected to participate in the showcase as more manufacturers release new mobile DTV-equipped products.

A total of 70 stations in 28 markets have committed to the roll out of mobile DTV, which promises to extend the reach of broadcast signals to the on-the-go consumer.