Microsoft to Underwrite PBS’ ‘Business Report’

Software giant Microsoft announced today that it has become a national sponsor of PBS’s Nightly Business Report. It will partially underwrite the Emmy-award winning show, which celebrates its 30th anniversary on Jan. 22. As part of the deal, Microsoft will not only receive on-air sponsor credits, but also a plug at

Microsoft joins long-time sponsor Franklin Templeton Investments (now in its 20th year with the show) and ExxonMobil, which signed on in June 2006.

“We are very pleased that Microsoft has chosen to sponsor Nightly Business Report,” Rodney Ward, senior vp, Nightly Business Report, said in a statement. “Thanks to Microsoft’s support, this program will continue to be a key resource for leaders in technology and business.”

Digital Equipment Corp. underwrote Nightly Business Report for 17 consecutive years beginning in 1982. That sponsorship continued for another 3 years after Compaq Computer acquired DEC. The show has been without a tech sponsor since. 

Microsoft spent $262 million on media (excluding online) for the first 10 months of 2008, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus. In 2007, it spent $341 million.