Microsoft, Mediabrands Aim for Industry Standard

Microsoft and Interpublic Group’s Mediabrands said today in Cannes that they hope to make their new software application platform — Media Operations Management System (MOMS) — an industry standard for managing campaigns and that they’ve enlisted the American Association of Advertising Agencies to orchestrate that effort.

The 4A’s will gather and lead an industry-wide coalition to help shape additional functionality for the MOMS system. Initially, the coalition will meet to come up with a set of “operating principles” aimed at solving critical business needs facing advertising agencies today. The 4A’s will announce details on the coalition members in the coming weeks.  

It was at last year’s ad festival in Cannes that Microsoft and Mediabrands unveiled the new platform, which is designed to enable clients to manage media/marketing campaigns from initial concept through document and asset management, planning, buying, inventory management, reporting and accounting across all online and offline media.

The companies have been at work on the new platform for about a year and half, each contributing a team of business process specialists, engineers, and technology architecture and advertising personnel. The idea is to have a fully electronic, integrated end-to-end system to manage campaigns seamlessly through each step of the process.

The system, said Mediabrands chief digital officer Quentin George (shown above), was designed “to unite a disconnected marketing ecosystem and inspire greater collaboration and innovation across our industry. We began with an aggressive ambition and are ready for partners along the entire marketing spectrum to coalesce and help develop a truly integrated solution.”

“Simply put, this is a way for agencies to finally realize the business and economic efficiencies that so many other businesses and industries have benefited from over the past 10 years,” said 4A’s president Nancy Hill. “True industry collaboration will drive this forward and the 4A’s is committed to bringing together leaders who are willing to place a premium on advancing the cause of the industry as a whole and turning vision into action.”