Mediaweek TV: Comedy Central’s Big Lake

Comedy Central is marketing its new show Big Lake as “that other project from the Other Guys.” Those other guys being Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, partners in Gary Sanchez Productions. Along with movies like The Other Guys, the two also are behind the buzzworthy Web site Funny or Die, and now a sitcom on Comedy Central.
But take the word “sitcom” with a grain of salt here. Although the show boasts a multicamera format and even a laugh track, Big Lake is hardly a traditional comedy. With a cast of characters that upends traditional archetypes—a pill-popping mom, the ex-con  friend, the younger brother headed for juvey hall—the show may be one of the darkest TV comedies ever to air.

Originally tailored to star Jon Heder as a whiz-kid banker who causes a widespread financial meltdown, Heder exited the series just as filming began, due to what he said at the time were “creative differences with the character.” In his place is Chris Gethard, a relatively unknown comic actor outside of fans of the Upright Citizens Brigade.
Among the show’s original cast members is SNL alum Chris Parnell who plays a bitter and cynical high school teacher. The comic actor recently sat down with Mediaweek’s Alan Frutkin to talk about the series.

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