Mediaweek TV: Bravo’s Top Chef Masters, American Artist

Bravo’s Top Chef Masters is the first spinoff from producing partners Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz. Launching Wednesday, June 10, at 10 p.m., the series puts celebrity chefs in the show’s proverbial hot seat, forcing them to cook with limited means and time.

Along with Top Chef and, now, Top Chef Masters, Cutforth and Lipsitz–whose production company is called Magical Elves–are perhaps best known for their work on that other Bravo show, Project Runway. But following Runway’s long-contested move to Lifetime, and the legal battles that ensued between Bravo’s parent company, NBC Universal, and the show’s primary producers, The Weinstein Company, Cutforth and Lipsitz won’t be following Runway to its new home.

Of course, they’ve got plenty to work on instead. A new cycle of what they call Top Chef Classic will launch on Bravo this fall. Other upcoming Bravo shows include the docu-soap Kell On Earth, which follows publicist Kelley Cutrone, who is perhaps best known for her appearances on MTV’s The Hills and The City. That docu-soap could launch on Bravo as early as third or fourth quarter. In 2010, expect the Elves’ next contest show, American Artist, with executive producer Sarah Jessica Parker.

And then there’s the upcoming CBS docu-soap Arranged Marriage, which purports to find mates for lonely singles through, surprise, arranged marriages.

On the eve of Top Chef Masters’ launch, Cutforth and Lipsitz sat down with Mediaweek correspondent Alan Frutkin, to talk about their upcoming shows, the differences between contest shows and docu-soaps, and their bittersweet exit from Runway.

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