LIN TV: Discussions With Time Warner Stalled

Playing hardball with its retransmission negotiations, LIN TV issued a release Monday morning (Sept. 15) that discussions with Time Warner Cable, the second largest cable operator, were stalled.

The TV group said it expects Time Warner to discontinue carriage of 15 LIN TV stations in 11 markets when the contract expires on Oct. 2, including stations in Austin Tex.; Buffalo, N.Y.; Columbus and Dayton, Ohio; Green Bay, Wisc.; Indianapolis, Terre Haute, and Ft. Wayne, Ind; Mobile, Ala.; and Springfield, Mass.

In the event that the two companies fail to come to agreement, LIN TV formed a marketing and promotional partnership with DISH Network to encourage consumers to switch to DISH.
LIN recently reached a retransmission agreement with Comcast, the largest cable operator, as well as a number of other operators. Although terms were not disclosed, LIN reported that its retransmission consent fees increased 122 percent in second quarter this year.

“Most cable operators, like their statellite and telecommunications competitors, now understand and acknowledge that fair and equitable compensation is essential to ensure the viability of local television,” said Vincent Sadusky, president and CEO of LIN.