Katz Online Net Adds Seven Radio Groups

Increasing its reach, the Katz Online Network added seven radio groups representing 100 stations to its streaming audio network, the division announced Wednesday (March 4).

The seven groups, Greater Media, Beasley Broadcast Group, ICBC Broadcast Holding, Lincoln Financial Media, Service Broadcasting, Millennium Radio Group and the Content Factory’s “Dan Patrick Show,” add 141,000 monthly listeners to the network for a total of 4 million listeners a week.

Although Katz Online Network is not the largest audio network in terms of weekly listeners (TargetSpot reaches 7 million weekly), it has the largest portfolio of terrestrial stations’ online streams, along with a few select pure-plays such as AccuRadio.com. That allows Katz, which represents about 95 percent of the terrestrial radio spot market, to offer cross-platform audio campaigns to its advertisers.
To leverage its multi-platform sales play, Katz 360, a division of 10, taps into Katz’s sales force of 200. “There is no specialized swat team. We’re marrying terrestrial with digital and that’s resonating,” said Brian Benedik, president of Katz 360, the sales division for the network.
According to Benedik, who became president of Katz 360 when it was rebranded last year, sales are brisk. “Forty-five days into 2009 and we have as much booked as we did at the end of last year,” he said. “We’re tapping into those ‘test and learn’ budgets quite a bit.”