Fox: Tests Show Remote Free TV Yields More Ad-Viewing Intent

Fox, which will air all of its episodes of freshman drama Fringe (which premieres Tuesday, Sept. 9) with limited commercials and shorter commercial pods as part of its trial Remote Free TV plan, has found through testing that viewer attention levels to commercials are higher for the show.

Biometric engagement research company Innerscope had viewers randomly assigned to watch Fringe with either the shortened commercial pods or the standard-length pods. It found that viewers watching Fringe with shorter commercial pods had ad attention levels 31 percent higher, ad engagement levels 21 percent higher, unaided recall levels 250 percent higher and ad likeability levels 61 percent higher than viewes who watched the standard-length ad pods.

Innerscope used eye tracking to measure gaze location and duration and smart vests that measure arousal, respiration, heart and motion responses. During the testing, prescreened DVR users were given remote control devices that allowed them to fast-forward, pause play at their discretion.

The viewers who watched the Remote Free TV version with shorter commercial pods and 50 percent less commercials in the program fast forwarded 136 percent less than viewers who watched the standard-length commercial pods.