New York Times Technology Columnist Opts for 24/7 Home Movies Stream

Farhad Manjoo is filming everything

Last summer, New York Times technology columnist Farhad Manjoo looped himself into a zeitgeist that began with Albert Brooks’ 1979 mockumentary Real Life and has continued since via everything from The Truman Show to reality TV to the web. He installed cameras in his dining room and living room to record every moment shared with his wife and their two young children.

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The cameras are turned off when guests visit. Otherwise, as Manjoo explains, it’s proven to be a gift:

“I’ve found these cameras to be just wonderful at capturing the odd, beautiful, surprising, charming moments of life that we would never have been able to capture otherwise. Every time the kids say something hilarious or sweet, or do something for the first time, I make a note of the time and date. Later on, I can go and download that exact clip, to keep forever. I’ve already got amazing videos of weeknight dinners, of my wife and I watching the news on election night, of my son learning to play Super Mario Brothers, and my kids having a dance party to their favorite music.”

The cameras are motion-activated and connected to the cloud. Manjoo jokes that when he is 80 and “the robots have taken over,” he’ll have plenty of footage through which to fondly remember warmer human times.