CC Sends White House Radio Care Package

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said he didn’t have a radio. Well, he does now. On Thursday, (March 5), WIHT-FM, Clear Channel Radio’s Top 40 radio station in Washington, D.C. loaded up the station van with the full range of consumer electronics that receive radio and delivered them to the White House.

“We at Clear Channel Radio are big fans of White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, and we want him to have a radio!,” said CCR in a press statement. “After all, radio played a crucial role in getting Mr. Gibbs his current job. The Obama campaign outspent all others on radio and ran more ads than any other campaign.”

Among that electronics that Gibbs received were an HD Radio with iTunes tagging and an iPod with an FM adapter. The station said it was even ready to help Gibbs download Clear Channel’s iheartradio mobile app to his smart phone.