CC Expands Online Distribution

The growing trend of radio groups to expand the distribution of radio across a variety of digital media continued apace Monday with Clear Channel’s plans to make 800 stations available via Reciva-enabled Internet radios. The newest initiative follows several recent digital media announcements by Clear Channel, including the creation of online music portal erockster, a Gracenote lyrics page, a widget strategy and a personalized radio service provided by Pandora.

Cambridge, U.K.-based Reciva provides Internet radio modules for use with broadband applications. The company’s Internet radios are manufactured by C. Crane, CTA Digital, DMTech, Grace Digital Audio, among other companies, in the U.S. An automatic upgrade allows users to access Clear Channel Radio stations on the device. About 250,000 Internet radio devices are currently using the Reciva platform.

“We continue to meet audience demand for Clear Channel Radio’s great content by broadening their options for consuming it,” said Jeff Littlejohn, executive VP of distribution development for Clear Channel.

Prior to its deal with Reciva, Clear Channel’s deals to broaden the distribution of its stations and programming beyond its own Web sites and on-air was limited to mSpot, a mobile music services company for cell phones.