CBS Offers Multiple Platforms for Big Brother

When the CBS summer reality show Big Brother returns to the air beginning July 13, it will include a redesigned Big Brother Web site on, as well as other expanded multimedia platforms on which to see it.

Full-length episodes, highlight clips and other content from Big Brother will be available across the CBS Audience Network, allowing fans to watch the shows online and to incorporate clips into their blogs, wikis, widgets and to interact and discuss Big Brother on message board.

The CBS Audience Network consists of online partners AOL; Microsoft; CNET Networks; Yahoo; Comcast; Joost; Bebo; Netvibes; Sling Media and Veoh; and social application partners Automattic, Brightcove, Clearspring, DAVE Networks, Goowy Media, meebo, MeeVee, Musestorm, Ning, RockYou, Slide, ViedoEgg, Voxant and vSocial. Also included are Web sites from CBS