Brands Can Now Measure the Social Media Impact of Their Wendy Williams Show Integrations

4C bolsters Twentieth Television's upfront pitch

As TV syndicator Twentieth Television looks to line up new brand integrations during the upfront, it has partnered with data science player 4C to measure their social impact—and find new sponsors that would benefit from them.

In their new partnership, Twentieth will use 4C Advertising Analytics data for all its shows, but is focusing on The Wendy Williams Show, as part of an upfront offering that will include in-show and social integrations with four brands, across four categories.

"There's a lot of social activity going on and we know that it's related in some way to advertising and the television shows people are watching, only we have very little understanding of the dynamics and the relationship of how that works," said Debbie Reichig, svp of media research, Twentieth Television. "Some of the other social measurement companies really just tell you the number of people that were engaged, but 4C goes a lot deeper to tell you about how your brand actually compares to another brand, and how it compares to the TV show."

As part of the partnership, 4C will help Twentieth identify which brands they should approach for integrations, given that a high concentration of social media users have shared affinities for a particular shows and brands. 

The company will also use 4C's data to determine the effectiveness of its in-program intergations and whether they drove social engagement. "We can measure that in real time, but more importantly, over time, to see if it was a sustained lift," said Aaron Goldman, CMO, 4C. Twentieth will share that data with advertisers, to "help them understand how to use social media to better target their brands on television," said Reichig.

Twentieth Television will utilize 4C TV Synced Ads to deliver digital ads on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram coordinated with TV programming and advertising, to reach multitasking viewers on multiple screens. 4C will reply on its Teletrax global TV monitoring network, which the company acquired last year, to detect which shows are airing when, and use geo-targeting to deliver the ads. "This is a way for the brand to basically own that whole time slot and capture people through the integration in the show, and then anybody who is doing anything on the second screen, we can reach them there as well," said Goldman. 

The Wendy Williams Show was chosen to launch the new partnership because it "generates a huge amount of social conversation," said Reichig. Going into the upfront, Twentieth Television will offer four advertisers across four categories the opportunity to partner for in-show and social integrations, and use 4C Advertising Analytics to evaluate the campaign's impact.

Goldman, whose company also provides analytics for networks like Turner and ABC, said the new Twentieth Television/4C partnership was much like the recent study ABC commissioned from Accenture Strategy, which looked at the longterm ROI (return on investment) benefits of advertising on linear TV and its related platforms. "That showed that to understand the full ROI, you have to look at all the metrics. If you are just looking at one or the other, you're undercounting, essentially. It's the same philosophy we take here, where social is a really performance indicator of brand resonance" and provides a more complete picture of the overall effectiveness of the integration, said Goldman.

"Using social media as a measurement tool is a fairly new endeavor and we want to help our partners understand the relationship between the in-show integration and what happens on social media. What happens that day, what happens the second day, what happens the following week, and does that vary by category and  kinds of integrations," said Reichig. "We want them and us to walk away with some actionable learning that we could apply going forward."