Amazon Prime Is Reportedly Coming to Apple TV This Summer

It's a potential major truce between 2 tech companies

For the first time ever, Amazon Prime's video programming will reportedly be available on Apple TVs.
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With Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference happening in early June, Apple may be getting ready to announce that Amazon Prime videos are coming to Apple TV devices this summer.

According to BuzzFeed News and previous reports from Recode, the long-standing feud between the tech companies may soon be over.

The move may convince Amazon Prime members to purchase and use Apple TV devices, whereas previously, the only way to stream Amazon Prime programming was via Amazon’s own or Roku devices. Part of the agreement is that Amazon will sell Apple TV boxes, according to BuzzFeed News, something the online retailer hasn’t done in the past two years.

Recode noted that Apple and Amazon have similar goals for their consumers—to be their primary source of entertainment. As Amazon’s video projects continue to win prestigious awards and make news at film festivals, it makes sense that the company would want to make its programming as widely available as possible.

“We’ve been able to monitor the people who use Prime Video … they renew [Prime memberships] at higher rates, and they convert from free trial at higher rates,” Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said during a Code Conference interview.

“When we win a Golden Globe,” he added, “it helps us sell more shoes.”

Neither company returned requests for comment.

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