ABC News’ Jeffrey Schneider Returns After Two-Week Suspension

SVP disciplined for shouting at staffer

ABC News svp of communications Jeffrey Schneider has returned to his post after a suspension, according to a post at Radar Online that Schneider confirmed himself.

The executive was ordered to stay away from the office for two weeks in the wake of a verbal altercation with another staffer. Both Radar and Politico reported that security guards were given pictures of Schneider (as they are any suspended staffer) should he try to come back during the suspension period. He didn't, and was back at work yesterday.

Schneider was apologetic about the incident in a phone conversation with Adweek. "There's really nothing more to it—it is what it is, it did happen, and I'm certainly contrite about it," he said.

He also didn't contest either the decision to suspend him or the characterization of the incident in press reports, noting, "I'm a big boy and this is the big leagues." The suspension meant that Schneider was absent from ABC when news of Diane Sawyer's departure from World News broke last week.

The exec has worked at ABC News for 14 years, joining the company from the William Morris Agency in 2000 and rising to SVP in 2006. He told Politico he had "made amends" with the other party in the incident.