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Teams From Deutsch and Grey Won the First YouTube Creative Hack With These 6-Second Ads

Video site's contest promotes new short ad format

Seven hours might not seem like much time for two people to conceive and produce three video ads of anything resembling decent strategic quality. But if the spots are short…

YouTube Music's Latest Ad Campaign Is an Infectious Ode to the Diversity of Music Lovers

Campaign launches on first day of RNC

To promote YouTube Music, which launched in the U.S. in November, YouTube is putting the spotlight on its biggest competitive advantage—its diversity.  Sure, Spotify has musical diversity. But YouTube is the…

YouTube Isn't Worried Its New Subscription Service Sounds Like a Porn Site

Brand wasn't caught with its pants down

YouTube surely spent a lot of time and effort in deciding what to call its ad-free subscription option, which was announced Wednesday. It decided to name the service YouTube Red, pointing…

Infographic: Everything You Need to Know About YouTube's First 10 Years

Plus, a birthday video and quiz

YouTube continues to celebrate its 10th anniversary in style. After picking the 20 most iconic ads on YouTube since 2005, the site is in an alphabetical mood—with an "A to…

Could Kool-Aid Man Really Bust Through a Brick Wall? Science Finally Has an Answer

Will he survive, and what will be left of him?

The Kool-Aid man's explosive antics have been unquestionably cool since he busted through his first wall in the 1970s. But could he possibly survive such a dramatic entrance? Wouldn't he shatter…

Brilliant YouTube Banner Ads in Peru Cover Subtitles to Promote English Lessons

'The action's up there, not down here'

Learning a new language is never easy, and for many Peruvians, it's a lot easier to just read the Spanish subtitles on their favorite U.S. movie trailers. Armed with that insight,…

Honda's Double-Sided Story on YouTube Is Mind-Bendingly Brilliant

Toggle between perfectly parallel lives

Well, this might just blow your damn mind. Honda and Wieden + Kennedy London have created a rather incredible "double-sided story" on YouTube to promote the Civic and its sportier sibling,…

OK Go Guys Ride Tiny Little Honda Unicycles in Their Fantastic New Video

Yes, it's a single take

Does OK Go release albums? Like, full-blown records with multiple songs on them? I don't know. I don't care. Their videos are enough for all of us. Japanese creative agency Mori…

YouTube's Famous 'Slow Mo Guys' Get You Up to Speed in Ads for the Video Site

They 'make every second epic'

The Slow Mo Guys are shifting into the fast lane. As part of YouTube's ongoing effort to introduce its popular channel stars to a wider audience, Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy…

After 1,000 Meals, Here's What Made the Frozen Food Review King Call It Quits

'We should not be feeding our kids this'

For six years, Gregory Ng has held the uncontested title of Frozen Food Master, a grocery guru who has eaten his way through 1,000 microwaved meals and recorded the results…