Topic: The Women's issue

How to Talk to Women

A peek at today's women and the marketers that understand them

Women have come so far—but you certainly couldn’t tell that from much of the advertising out there. Still, more brands, including Chevrolet, TD Ameritrade and Harley-Davidson (which has targeted women…

The Indie Woman

Her virtual image is as important to her as her real-world one

She’s single, urban and loving it—but she’s no Carrie Bradshaw. Not necessarily looking for a husband, nor looking for just a good time, this leading-edge millennial woman, age 28 to…

The Mom Achiever

The hard working, highly educated mothers of today

This segment—mothers 35 to 45—can be summed up in a word: driven. In fact, these women are in overdrive. They’ve polished off advanced degrees, earned executive jobs and see mothering…

The Alpha Goddess

Open to anything, including technology

With age comes wisdom—at least, for a certain segment of been-there-done-that women. Employed, moneyed and content, this 55-to-64-year-old knows what she wants and, better yet, has the means to get…

Talk to Her

Despite the strides women have made over the years, marketers are just now waking up to the New Woman

It won’t come as a revelation to many that Harley-Davidson markets to women, the focus of several of the iconic motorcycle brand’s digital initiatives and promotional events. What might surprise…

The Resurrection of Christina Norman

Fired from OWN (which some might say is a blessing), the powerhouse exec has left cable and found a new voice

Christina Norman's comeback appears under way, with a little boost from another powerful female media executive, Arianna Huffington. The former CEO of Oprah Winfrey’s struggling OWN network was bounced from her…

Who Said Women Aren't Funny?

Female writers have emerged as a driving force behind comedy pilots being ordered for the coming fall season

In a ludicrous—and roundly derided—Vanity Fair column from 2007 titled “Why Women Aren’t Funny,” the late polemicist Christopher Hitchens argued that humor cannot be found in the absence of a…

Women With a View

This April, Lifetime will rebrand with more original programming that stays true to its mission of embodying the female spirit

As a pioneer in understanding the importance of emotionally connecting to viewers, Lifetime was the first TV network to recognize the power of women, the complexity of their lives and…

Babes No More

Mom and dad bloggers are coming of age as their virtual communities prove to be powerful indeed. (Are you listening, marketers?)

The question of whether virtual communities are real has been more than silenced of late by members, who have never met, rallying to each others’ aid. Among the most recent examples…

Happily Delisted

Cross that next chore off your to-do list, and focus instead on prioritizing your own needs rather than those of everyone else around you

When I was asked to write this article for Adweek, I immediately put it on my “to-do” list. Oh, wait—I don’t have a to-do list. In fact, I have very…