Topic: Women's Issue

New Cannes Award Honors Creative Work That Shatters Gender Bias

It’s time for a Glass Lion

Industry activist Cindy Gallop said she is shocked over her selection as jury president for the new Cannes Glass Lion award, considering she's been a bit of a thorn in…

A Champion for Women in Tech

Google’s Eileen Naughton is honored with a Matrix Award

Eileen Naughton has embraced feminism in ways she never thought she would. When she began her career in media, she was hopeful for a world that had moved beyond gender…

Women's Roundtable Outtakes: The Photoshop Problem [Video]

Joanna Coles says you can't win whether you photoshop your magazine covers or you don't

Women's Roundtable Outtakes: Taking Charge of the Working Day [Video]

Sarah Hoftsetter, Nadja Bellan-White and Nancy Reyes on their work patterns