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Let's Make a Deal

More (of the same) Beltway intrigue for 2013

If there’s one Beltway certainty this year, it’s that the fiscal mess will not divert attention away from lawmakers and regulators spooling out even more red tape to govern the…

House Panel Debates FCC's Proposed Rules for Spectrum Auction

Geeky hearing over commission's authority under the law

The House communications and technology subcommittee held a hearing today to make sure that the Federal Communications Commission is “on track” to implement the world’s most complex auction of wireless spectrum. Congressional…

First Mover: Robert McDowell

The FCC commissioner is pro free-market media in public but a totalitarian at home

Specs Age 49 Who FCC commissioner; post-election, back in minority as Republican member FCC stuff can be pretty geeky. You’ve quoted everything from Shakespeare to Star Trek. What we do touches the daily lives…

Former TV Exec Forms Coalition for TV Spectrum Auction

But who is selling remains a mystery

Preston Padden, a former Fox, ABC and Disney exec, formed a coalition to represent TV broadcasters that will, if the price is right, relinquish their spectrum to the Federal Communications…

FCC: Mobile and Cable Services Improving

New York and New Jersey continue to be 'difficult'

As many residents of New York and New Jersey know all too well after Sandy blew through town, cellphone and cable service outages persist. But overall, communications conditions in the…

Sandy Knocks Out 25 Percent of Communications

FCC says it could get worse

Sandy wreaked havoc with the nation's communications from Virginia to Massachusetts and as far west as Michigan. The slow-moving monster took out about 25 percent of wireless, broadband, cable and…

FCC Spectrum Auctions: Big Deal Or No Deal?

Success hinges on undetermined broadcast participation

Federal Communications Commission chairman Julius Genachowski called today's launch of the world's first incentive spectrum auctions a "big deal." But depending on TV broadcasters' participation, it could turn out to…

FCC Launches World's First Incentive Spectrum Auctions

Designed to free up more spectrum for mobile wireless

Many of the issues addressed by the Federal Communications Commission fall into the category of high geek and rarely draw a crowd. Not today. Friday’s meeting, to launch the world’s…

Wireless Spectrum To Take Center Stage At Next FCC Meeting

Rules for wireless spectrum ownership also on agenda

The Federal Communications Commission is set to begin the Herculean task of holding spectrum auctions to meet the nation's growing demand for wireless services. At the agency's next meeting on…

The Internet's Role in the Democratic Platform

The Web is now a big part of the political discussion

With many of president Obama's top financial contributors in Silicon Valley—Microsoft and Google PACs are the second and third biggest contributors, per Open Secrets, a website that tracks political contributions—it…