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Ad of the Day: Priceline Goes for Seriously Awkward Humor in First Ads From BBDO

Jokes about incest and Eastern European adoptions gone wrong

When Priceline wrapped up its first agency review in a decade by sending its business to BBDO last fall, we predicted it would mark a departure for a brand long defined…

Top 10 Commercials of the Week: Jan. 11-18

Rory becomes Tiger, people become sushi, and William Shatner becomes Kaley Cuoco's dad

This week, Hertz fooled people with a hot new ski accessory, Axe compared the relative attractiveness of firemen and astronauts, and Samsung showed that its washing machine holds up to…

Ad of the Day: Priceline

After 14 years, the brand sends William Shatner's Negotiator character to a fiery death

All good things must come to an end—even William Shatner. The 80-year-old actor, who has portrayed Priceline's Negotiator off and on for the past 14 years, has reached the end of…

William Shatner Kicked Off of Google+

The actor's account 'was flagged for violating standards'

Actor, Priceline spokesman, and accomplished spoken-word musician William Shatner has been kicked off of Google+ for “violating standards,” according to a tweet he posted late last night: “My Google+ account was…