Topic: Whit Hiler

Tiny Billboards for Dollar Shave Club Will Soon Appear in Bushy Beards Across America Whit Hiler finds new Beardvertising client

It was probably just a matter of time before Whit Hiler and Michael Dubin worked together. Hiler—the ass-kicking Kentucky adman, flier-making crazy person and mastermind of Beardvertising—has lured Dubin's Dollar…

July 9, 2013, 3:32 PM EDT

Introducing Beardvertising: Tiny Billboards That Clip on to Your Beard Whit Hiler's latest hair-brained scheme

I'm not sure which is more disturbing—the hirsute images that adorn the Beardvertising site from Kentucky ad agency Cornett-IMS, or creative Whit Hiler's use of the work "mancessory" to describe…

May 21, 2013, 9:44 AM EDT

How an Adman Conquered Reddit With the World's Weirdest Fliers Whit Hiler explains himself

You may have seen one of Whit Hiler's fliers. Perhaps it invited you to a meet-up that promised a re-creation of scenes from The Human Centipede. ("Just for fun. Guys…

April 24, 2013, 9:23 AM EDT