Topic: WaterIsLife

Ad of the Day: 4-Year-Old Fulfills His Bucket List

Beautiful, heartbreaking follow-up to #FirstWorldProblems

DDB in New York and the clean-water organization WATERisLIFE already proved a powerhouse pairing with last year’s #FirstWorldProblems campaign, which riffed on the popular hashtag by having poverty-stricken Haitians read…

Top 10 Commercials of the Week: Oct. 5-12

Alcohol gets fantastical, Heinz welcomes winter, and Jordan Brand freezes L.A. in its tracks

This week, DDB hijacked the #FirstWorldProblems hashtag for a good cause, polar bears wanted you to skip the Coca-Cola, and your family could never love you as much as HBO…

#FirstWorldProblems Hashtag Is Hijacked in DDB's Campaign for Clean Water

Turning an ironic gesture on its head

Devising a high-impact humanitarian campaign is a first-world problem that DDB New York solves in stirring fashion on behalf of WaterIsLife. With close to 1 million YouTube views in a…