Topic: Water Is Life

This Charity Used a Loophole on Mobile Payment App Venmo to Raise Money

Water is Life turned $10 into $800

It's no surprise that nonprofits operate on shoestring-sized budgets and are constantly working to recruit a new generation of millennial donors. But Water is Life, a charity focused on providing…

Ad of the Day: Water Is Life Steals Art From Kenya, So It Can Give Back Something More

Deutsch pulls off the 'Art Heist for Good'

Water Is Life "steals" from poor people in the destitute Kibera district of Nairobi, Kenya, in an effort to give them back a whole lot more in the humanitarian organization's…

Ethiopians Pose for First (and Maybe Last) Family Portraits in Beautiful Clean Water Ads

Deutsch's gorgeous campaign for Water Is Life

Every 20 seconds, a family in Sub-Saharan Africa loses a loved one to unsafe drinking water. Deutsch took that brutal fact and made a gorgeous, bittersweet campaign for the Water…

The Girl in This Clean-Water PSA Can't Cry, but Not Because She Isn't Heartbroken

DDB's latest gut punch

Water Is Life and DDB New York's latest spot is, like much of their other work, heartbreaking. The ad focuses on the struggles of a young girl born in the…

Each Page of This 'Drinkable Book' Is a Water Filter That Removes Deadly Bacteria

DDB charity project purifies as it educates

Drinking is fundamental. With that thought in mind, DDB New York and Water Is Life have authored a Drinkable Book that not only educates at-risk populations on sanitation and hygiene, but…

Adweek's Top 10 Commercials of the Week: Aug. 2-9

Kiefer Sutherland's new tattoo, Penélope Cruz's directorial debut and the Manning brothers' bad rap