Topic: War Child

Top 10 Commercials of the Week: Oct. 26 - Nov. 2

FEMA's teachable moment, Call of Duty's all-star cast, and Megan Fox's scientific genius

This week, Hurricane Sandy and Halloween vied for our attention, brands got into heavy metal, and a famous former NYPD detective wants to make sure you know what you're dealing…

Kill Them With Kindness, Says War Child's Fantastical New PSA

Conflict resolution from John St.

If bullets were crayons, grenades blew bubbles and land mines exploded into picture books, kids in war-afflicted areas would be doing a lot better. Pollyanna-ish as that may sound, this…

War Child holiday gifts less awful than most

"Bad gifts can't save lives. War Child gifts actually do." That's the message of this spot-on Canadian campaign from ad agency John St. in Toronto. War Child presents are for…