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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the 1980s in One Coked-Up HTML5 Website

Mullen's work for Nat Geo

Bonkers candy. Betamax. McRib sandwiches. Madonna. Michael Jackson. Reaganomics. Mountains of cocaine. … Man, the '80s rocked. Or sucked, depending on your point of view. Thanks to Mullen's, folks…

How Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones Would Have Looked Circa 1995

What were they thinking?

With chillingly accurate typography and scrolling VCR recording lines, fans on YouTube have been reimagining their favorite current shows as cheesy '90s sitcoms. User Goestoeleven started the trend with a…

Lucky the Leprechaun to Waldo the Wizard: The Evolution of Lucky Charms

A look back for St. Patrick's Day

Leprechauns are creepy, whether they're starring in a horror movie or plastered on the front of a cereal box. There's no telling if that's why General Mills briefly tried another…

Old Mentos Ad With Horse-Men Playing Basketball Is Weirdest Ever

SB Nation 'finds' strange overseas spot

Whoa, that's one wacky game of horse! Some naysayers are doubting SB Nation's contention that the clip below of dudes playing basketball in equine masks is really a "found" Mentos…

'70s Ad Hinted That Twinkies Were Not of This World

Indestructible food for your endless voyage

Hostess, which is going out of business after a crippling strike, had a proud history of weird ads, particularly back in the 1970s. This one for Twinkies is a classic.…

How a Brick-Shaped Heineken Bottle Almost Changed the World 50 Years Ago

Freddy Heineken's vision for cheaper building materials

You may have never heard of Alfred "Freddy" Heineken, but he should be a hero to drinkers and kids'-toy enthusiasts everywhere. Laughing Squid has the story of how Freddy—the third-generation…

What 200 'Playboy' Covers Tell Us About Beauty in America

Era by era, a sanitized quest for physical perfection

At this point, Playboy is a relic—an outdated self-parody, much like its creator, Hugh Hefner. But historical artifacts are valuable because they give the present some context by illuminating the…

1995 Student PSA Predicted Internet's Future Pretty Accurately

Well done, Montana 5th graders!

Most old PSAs look fairly ridiculous nowadays, but not this gem of a spot from 1995, shot by the 5th-grade students at Ray Bjork Elementary School in Helena, Mont. These…

'80s Sitcom 'Perfect Strangers' Even Better as an Advergame

Join Balki and chase your dream

Jason Oda of JODA, the man behind many of your favorite advergames and classic game parodies for brands, has conceived of the perfect way to advertise himself—by taking one of…

'New Yorker' Digs Up Its Own Ads From 'Mad Men' Era

Tension of the cultural shift is palpable

The mid-'60s was an anxious and uncertain period. Like Don Draper's tumbling silhouette, those years were suspended between Eisenhower's monochrome Americana and the kaleidoscopic revolution of the Woodstock generation. At…