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Gatorade Digitally Remastered 'Be Like Mike' After 23 Years, and Damn Does It Hold Up

Classic spot looks like new

For those of us who've spent too many hours digging through YouTube trying to find good-looking versions of classic ads, this is quite a treat: As part of its 50th…

Kids on Vine Are Weirdly Obsessed With Spoofing 'I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up'

Mrs. Fletcher would be proud

If the true measure of an ad's popularity is the afterlife it enjoys through parody and satire, then this 1989 LifeCall ad—featuring Mrs. Fletcher and her infamous line, "I've fallen…

Wieden + Kennedy Finds Its First Ads Ever, Made for Nike, on Dusty Old Tapes

Client's first national broadcast work had been lost for decades

Nike running: So easy, a caveman can do it? Wieden + Kennedy made quite the discovery earlier this month. The agency says it's "pretty damn pumped" to have finally found the…

Girl From Famous 1981 Lego Ad Has a Few Things to Say About Today's Gendered Toys

Meet Rachel Giordano (again)

We often wonder: Who do the kids in our favorite ads become when they grow up? Well, Lori Day, founder of the Brave Girls Alliance, snagged an interview with the…

If Instagram Had Been Around in the '80s, Your Bad Photos Would Have Looked Even Worse

Mock vintage ad

If Instagram had been invented in the 1980s, your digital photos would have already been pixelated messes stored on cassettes or floppy disks. To see them, you would have had to…

Feel Like a Long, Strange Trip Through '80s Design? This Is the Tumblr for You

With your host, James White

The pop-culture aesthetic of the 1980s can be a hard thing to appreciate. But Canadian graphic artist James White makes a pretty compelling effort with Uzicopter, his Tumblr of Reagan-era…

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the History of the Trapper Keeper

That beloved old school pal

Mental Floss put up an interesting article about the history of the Trapper Keeper, which is right up there with Lisa Frank stickers in terms of potent nostalgia catnip for…

Healthy Kids Feast on Unhealthy Foods in Vintage Back-to-School Ads

A simpler time

In the spirit of back to school, let's fatten up our kids and send them into anaphylactic shock! Seems that wasn't much of an issue in the '50s, when fall…

1970s Commercial for Baby Laugh-a-Lot Will Make You Scream-a-Lot

Most evil ad ever?

Today's toy ads aren't perfect—the one for Kackel Dackel is disturbing in its own way—but at least they don't give you nightmares. The one below, for Remco's 1971 toy Baby…

How KitchenAid Gave Us the World’s Coolest Mixer

The legacy of one of the most recognizable appliances

With The Great Gatsby in theaters and everyone suddenly falling in love with the glamor of the 1920s, now’s a fitting time to take a look at one of the…