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The Story Behind One of the Most Beautiful Real Moments in Advertising

Skype spot is a Cannes favorite and a lesson in listening

CANNES, France—"Reality, most of the time, sucks." So says PJ Pereira, who just happens to have created one of the most powerful reality-based ads in advertising history—one being widely honored and…

TaylorMade's Live Product Video Seems Teed Up for Social

Takes a swing at innovation

TaylorMade aims to see if product demonstration videos—long an online staple for golf marketers—can be socialized in a live capacity. At 12 p.m. ET today, the Carlsbad, Calif.-based brand is expected…

TechCrunch Leaks AOL's "Super Secret" Video Chat Product

AV is "incredibly easy to use," says AIM chief

On Thursday, AOL’s Head of AIM Products Jason Shellen sent an email to AOL staffers announcing the "super secret internal launch" of a "shiny new video chat product dubbed 'AV.'"…