Topic: VidCon

Smosh Says Sponsored Videos Need to Feel Authentic

YouTube stars downplay desire to be on TV

The hit YouTube duo Smosh has a pretty simple philosophy when it comes to folding sponsors into their videos: they only feature brands they are passionate about. And since Smosh founders…

Investor Says Amazon Could Take on YouTube

Compares video site's domination to Walmart's

YouTube is like the Walmart of video, argued venture capitalist Mark Suster Thursday at the VidCon conference, explaining that the Google company is so dominant that video creators essentially have…

YouTube Extends Production Space Program to New York

Follows similar outposts in L.A., London and Tokyo

YouTube is headed to New York. The Web video giant said at VidCon on Thursday that it will open a production space in the Big Apple for video creators. It's part…

What to Watch for at VidCon

VideoWatch heads West to Web video conference

VideoWatch is headed West! Next stop is VidCon, the annual confab of online video creators, fans, networks and more, which kicks off in Anaheim, Calif., this week. In anticipation of the…