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Remember the Segway? Here's Why It Never Quite Took Off

The invention that tried to replace walking

As the fastest man alive, with 17 gold Olympic and IAAF medals in his trophy case, Usain Bolt was a man who could not be toppled. That is, at least,…

Tiger Woods Earns 83 Times More Money Endorsing Things Than Playing Golf

Plus other athletes' income stats

The sprinter Usain Bolt has earned $15,000 in race winnings over the last year but $21 million in sponsorships. Nascar star Jimmie Johnson, on the other hand, pulled in $16.2…

Ad of the Day: Puma Entices Your Inner Troublemaker

Forget the rules, it's about instinct

Puma is on a mission and it's calling on all troublemakers for a task that will most likely include "danger, risk and potential fugitive status." Sign me up! In the brand's…

Liberty Takeover of Virgin Media U.K. Again Pits Malone Against Murdoch

U.K. media expect a wave of marketing from Virgin to catch up to Sky

London ad sources expect a European marketing onslaught from a combined Liberty Global-Virgin Media company after Liberty founder John Malone announced the cable giant’s $16 billion agreed takeover of the…

And Now It's Puma's Turn to Brag About Usain Bolt

A little nation-baiting in Droga5 ads

All Usain Bolt-endorsed companies are exercising their vicarious bragging rights in the wake of the Jamaican sprinter's extraordinary triple repeat in London—winning gold again in the 100 and 200 meters…

Ad of the Day: Gatorade

Usain Bolt is the Grim Reaper in a spot celebrating his killer instinct in London

And you thought he only ate McNuggets. After his epic performance at the London Olympics, Usain Bolt gets an epic commercial to match—this Gatorade spot from TBWA\Chiat\Day, in which the Jamaican…

Usain Bolt Gets Most Awesome Endorsement Offer Yet

Stake in Shutl, plus something extra special

Shutl, a delivery company that specializes in ferrying online retail purchases to customers, is offering Jamaican sprinter/fastest person alive Usain Bolt a deal: If he helps them set a world…

Puma Takes to the High Seas for Social Trials

Bloggers sent to Abu Dhabi to cover Volvo Ocean Race via Tumblr. London next?

Puma can’t yet legally discuss its Olympics marketing strategy, according to Remi Carlioz, the company’s head of digital marketing. But to get an idea of how Puma will promote its…