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Emotional Abuse Is Hiding in These Clever Ads That Say Different Things at Different Angles

Women's Aid work is worth a double-take

In 2015, Women's Aid released "Look at Me," a digital billboard where the bruises on a woman's face faded when more bystanders looked at her. Created by WCRS, it was a…

This Remarkable VR Film About Going Blind Is Hailed as the Format's Most Empathetic Yet

The backstory of Notes on Blindness

This summer, the Sundance Film Festival hosted the premiere of Notes on Blindness. It's a film about John Hull, a theologian who spent 16 years chronicling his degenerative blindness in…

Virgin, Unsurprisingly, Gets a Little Smutty While Discussing the Pleasures of Train Travel

How long is it again?

Why take a car when you can take the train? It won't get your back all sweaty.  In a pair of risqué ads by TMW, British transport company Virgin Trains is…

All the Ads in This London Subway Station Have Been Replaced by Pictures of Cats

#CatsNotAds project purrs unexpectedly to victory

It isn't often in advertising that we get a happy ending that isn't totally fictional and "brought to you by." But here one is, in all its furry glory! In early…

Is Boring, Oregon, Really Boring? Find Out in This Wonderfully Weird Ad Shot There

Ogilvy's charming film has just one small problem

Pop culture is full of stories about people trying to escape the boring-ass town they were born in. Not so in Boring, Oregon. As one inhabitant remarks, "Nobody leaves. They…

Meet Leo, the World's Creepiest, Hungriest, Most Lecherous Gambling Mascot

A fatal attraction to fresh meat

It isn't often you watch a 30-second spot that leaves you with feelings you can't understand. For online casino Leo Vegas, London ad agency Now has released "Carcass," the first of…

These Brilliant U.K. Posters Ask Pokemon Go Players to Help Find Missing Persons

Targeting a roving crowd of seekers

British nonprofit Missing People wants some of the millions of Pokemon Go players traipsing the country to be on the look out for something other than cartoon creatures: actual humans. An…

Morose Goth Kid Busts Out Broadway-Style Moves in Ad for Fun-Smelling Shower Gel

Wash the misery away today

Playing on research suggesting fragrance can lift one's mood, a new ad for British fragranced soap and gel brand Radox shows a sullen, black-clad teenager going crazy, Broadway style, to…

Häagen-Dazs Fills Its Instagram With Great Wimbledon Pics of Fans, Not Players

Ice cream makes a cameo in the sweet series, too

What do tennis and ice cream have in common? They're both irresistibly exciting, according to a new Wimbledon campaign from Häagen-Dazs, featuring crowd reactions from the stands of the annual…

Advertising Leaders Say Britain's Exit From the EU Is Disappointing but Manageable

WPP's Martin Sorell: 'This is not good news, to say the least'

CANNES, France—As the United Kingdom's decision to leave the European Union sent aftershocks through global markets today, the ad industry's top leaders were all in the same place to hear…