Topic: Treasury Department

Treasury Department Says a Woman Will Appear on the $10 Bill

Viral campaign sought to put a woman on the $20

By 2020, the centennial of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote, the $10 bill will feature a portrait of a woman, the Treasury announced today. The news…

Grassroots Campaign to Get a Woman on the $20 Bill Might Get a Meeting With the President

Harriet Tubman chosen as potential replacement for Andrew Jackson

Harriet Tubman. That's who could replace Andrew Jackson if the founders of the grassroots campaign Women on 20s get their way— and they just might. Voting in the months-long campaign ended Sunday,…

Bloomberg Apologizes for Reporters' Use of Financial Terminal Data

Treasury and Fed investigating

After Bloomberg disclosed that its journalists used its proprietary financial data terminals to monitor clients and score scoops, the company apologized and the Federal Reserve and Treasury threatened inquiries, The New…