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Stirring New Trailer Shows Rogue One May Be the Most Intense Star Wars Movie Yet

The Death Star just got personal

There is much to find familiar in Rogue One, the upcoming Star Wars spinoff, but there is also a tone that's totally new to the series. The story clearly has frequent…

The New Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer Ends With One Hell of a Cameo

But everything up to then is pretty epic too

If you're on the fence about watching the new Rogue One trailer, may I recommend you get right down off that fence and just watch it already. For one, it finally…

Reactions to the All-Female Ghostbusters Trailer Prove It'll Be the Most Polarizing Movie of the Year

A culture war's odd new battleground

Usually, a major movie's first big trailer generates one of two reactions—passionate enthusiasm or shrugging indifference. That's certainly not the case with the new Ghostbusters film.  Some, including myself, might see…

The New Star Wars Trailer Has Arrived, and the Year-Long Wait Has Begun

Episode VII: The Force Awakens brightens your Black Friday

What will the next Star Wars film look like, feel like and sound like? We've had no idea ... until now. The trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens…

Here's The Avengers 2 Trailer, Recut as a Super Ominous Ad for Pinocchio

There are no strings on meeeeeaaaaRRRGHH

Late at night, when Wes Craven and David Cronenberg sit around trying to scare each other at the Horror Movie Directors' Spooky Mansion of Fear (look it up, it's a…

Don't Play League of Legends? You'll Still Enjoy This Epic 6-Minute Trailer

Beautifully animated battle brings one of today's top games to life

I'm not one of the 27 million people playing League of Legends each day, but this amazingly action-packed video kind of makes me wish I were.  "A New Dawn" is the…

Pennzoil Unveils Doc About Hot Rodders to Launch a New Motor Oil

'Breaking Barriers' will run on Nat Geo Channel

Though there will be ads around the launch of Pennzoil's new Platinum line of motor oil, the centerpiece of the product push is an hour-long documentary about hot rodders who…

This Trailer for Goat Simulator May Be the Weirdest Thing You Watch Today

A Dead Island parody, with way more goat

Self-described as a "small, broken and stupid game," Goat Simulator has already become a cult favorite of quirky gaming aficionados. And it isn't even out yet. Launching April 1 (unless it's…

Check Out the Trailer That Was Just Named the Best of the Year

Wolf of Wall Street spot wins at Key Art Awards

This is it: the best trailer of the year. Or at least that's the opinion of the top awards show for advertising in the cinema, TV and video game industries. 2013's…

'Esquire' Takes a Page From Hollywood to Promote August Issue

Sneak a peek at the cars, stars and girls

You’ve probably seen a lifetime’s worth of movie trailers for summer blockbusters this season, but what about a trailer for a summer magazine? For its August issue (on newsstands July…