Topic: Trailer Mash

Trailer Mash 10-12-12

Ben Affleck vs. Ethan Hawke and this week's other new movies, all judged solely on their ads

A week of comebacks and rehabilitations at the movies this week includes a great-looking piece from Ben Affleck, who continues to atone for Daredevil and for supplying one-half of the…

Trailer Mash 10-05-12

Our take on the ads for this week's opening movies, from Taken 2 to Frankenweenie

You like dogs? You like zombies? You like curly trees? Tim Burton has your number. Frankenweenie is apparently a stop-motion remake of his 1984 short about a kid who brings…

Trailer Mash 09-28-12

'Hotel Transylvania' meets 'Looper' in our weekly review of movie previews

When the fates decree that a big-budget animation opens the same weekend as a much-anticipated action sci-fi spectacle, then it is also decreed that their trailers will be mashed together…

Trailer Mash TV for Men Special

Drama ain't just for women, Pilgrim, as the new season's favorites prove

Trailer Mash TV for Men Special

Trailer Mash 09-21-12

From 'Dredd' to Diana Vreeland, this week's new films judged solely by their previews

Jean-Luc Godard famously declared that all you need for a movie is a gun and a girl. Judging by last weekend's box office receipts for Resident Evil: Retribution, the American…

Trailer Mash 09-14-12

From 'Finding Nemo 3D' to 'The Master,' new movies judged solely on their previews

Is it the time of year? Does the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness inspire insecurities that only the comfiest of comfort cinema can appease?  That's how it would appear,…

Trailer Mash 09-07-12

Bachelorettes, divorcées and one new movie that really hates advertising

Television is the new movies, they tell us. But really, movies are often just the best bits of television amped up with the stuff you can't project into people's television…

Trailer Mash 08-31-12

The Oogieloves and other evil beasts: This week's new movies, judged by their previews

Occasionally, movie trailers will serve a higher function. How else, for example, might you learn that there is a gripping new take on the blood-diamond trade in Africa? More often,…