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The Best of this Week's Movies in 60 Seconds

Bless Me, Ultima challenges Dark Skies for most bizarre in this week's mash

Trailer Mash 02 22 13

Trailer Mash 02 15 13

Bruce Willis, witches and aliens all underscored by Ella Fitzgerald

Trailer Mash 02 15 13

Trailer Mash 02 08 13

All the best weekend movie trailers in two minutes

Trailer Mash 02 08 13

All the Super Bowl Ads of 2013 in Two Minutes

Is it already a year since God made a farmer and Willem Dafoe was the devil?

From Willem Dafoe's devil to babies in space via Bob Odenkirk's Samsung head honcho auditioning Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen, here's a reminder of every ad from Super Bowl XLVII.…

Super Bowl XLVII Mashup: All the Ads in Just 2 Minutes

Relive every spot in our annual epic montage

Quick, let's watch every Super Bowl ad one more time. It's an Adweek tradition—taking the dozens of ads from the Super Bowl and squashing them down into a two-minute speed recap.…

Trailer Mash 02-01-13

Jude Law, Nazis and lots of '70s flavor in this week's opening movies

Madcap '70s-aesthetic tribute of the week A Glimpse in the Mind of Charles Swann is a trailer so perfectly measured to the kaleidoscopic parameters of its own self-conviction, you cannot…

Trailer Mash 01-25-13

This week's most promising, confounding and childish new movies, as judged by their ads

A parallel fantasy universe movie bubbles through from a parallel universe every couple of years. (Remember Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel? No? Different universe.) This year opens with John…

Trailer Mash 01-18-13

A few stars try to liven up the movies in Hollywood's January doldrums

It's the dead movie zone. This is the time of year when movie studios allow their lesser produce to wither and die in the umbra of the Oscar contenders you…

Trailer Mash 01-11-13

Crime, horror, war and peace at the multiplex this weekend

Essential elements of a noir tribute crime flick: Lantern jaws under snap brim hats. Redheads bursting out of sheath dresses. And tommy guns blazing crazily. (Let's ignore that firearms debate…

Trailer Mash 01-04-13

The first weekend of the year at the movies brings terror in the aisles

It's 2013, and your local cinema is in the mood for horror. "It happened before, it happened again" explains the trailer for Texas Chainsaw 3D, though a cursory glimpse at IMDB…