Topic: Trailer Mash

Hobbits, American Hustlers and Madea in This Week's Movie Trailer Mashup [Video]

New holiday season releases

In what is hoped to be a seasonal tradition, there's a new film this week from David O. Russell to follow last year's Christmas release of Silver Linings Playbook. To…

Martians, Penguins and Other Christmas Regulars in This Week's New Movies [Video]

Out of the Furnace, Inside Lewellyn Davis and Khumba trailers mashed

As the year approaches its twilight and Christmas movie options begin to avail themselves, two familiar genres have emerged on cue. There is the film-star-doing-acting genre, and there is the…

Mandela, Bettie Page, James Franco and Spike Lee's Old Boy in This Week's Movie Trailer Mashup [Video]

The holiday weekend's top flicks

As the entitled scion of Hollywood royalty, Josh Brolin could very easily have devolved into, say, Scott Caan or Jake Busey. But after two decades running the gauntlet of supporting…

Jennifer Lawrence Meets Judi Dench in Adweek's Movie Trailer Mashup [Video]

Delivery Man, Detroit Unleaded and Frozen also released this weekend

As Hunger Games: Catching Fire lights up the box office this weekend, recall 2007's The Golden Compass. This was the movie version of the first installment of His Dark Materials,…

Leo DiCaprio, Bruce Dern, Calvin & Hobbes in This Week's Movie Trailer Mashup [Video]

The Wolf of Wall Street leads the pack

Perhaps Leo DiCaprio has been too busy. Too many films. Cigarettes. Models. His ubiquity and inflexible physiognomy appear to have inspired industrial-scale quantities of online waggery querying why he is…

Lance Armstrong, Thor, and Some Nazis Get Their Trailers Mashed [Video]

The Armstrong Lie, Ass Backwards and The Book Thief are among this week's new releases

Since the Marvel comics movies backlash shows no sign of beginning, multiplex filler of the week is yet another superhero sequel from Kevin Fiege. This time it's Thor 2, or…

Love, Death, Space Opera, Old Age and Philosophy in This Week's Trailers [Video]

A mashup of Dallas Buyer's Club, Ender's Game, Last Vegas, Le Weekend

It's one of those "all of human life is here" weekends at the movies. The big grown-up flick is Dallas Buyers Club, an emotional roller coaster for which Matthew McConaughey…

Fassbender, Cruz, Bardem and a Bad Grandpa Get Mashed [Video]

A mashup of trailers for this weekend's new releases

Ridley Scott says jump, actor says gravity be damned. Gleefully launching through the hoops of Scott's new thriller, The Counselor, is as attractive a group of adult movie stars as draws…

Dynamic Duos: Debbie Harry and Sting, Tom Hanks and Pirates, and Romeo and Juliet [Video]

A mashup of trailers for this weekend's new movies

There's no shortage of theories about how to make an innovative low-budget movie, but judging by its trailer and website, Escape From Tomorrow has created an entirely new model. Shooting…

Sandra Bullock Is Lost in Space, Dracula Is Back and JFK Gets Shot Again [Video]

Mashed up trailers from this weekend's new releases

It's a rare occasion when the two leads of the week's biggest new movie have a combined age of more than 100 years, especially when one of them isn't Woody…