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Here Are the Many, Many Ways Your Business Can Get in Trouble for Tweeting the Olympics

Even hashtags and retweets are off limits

The Olympics will soon set social media on fire, but your business probably won't be able to talk about it. This year's modifications to the Olympics' Rule 40 sponsorship guidelines have…

The Sticky Story of Krazy Glue (and How It Holds Our Lives Together)

It’s Strong. It’s Clear. Just keep your fingers away from it

In 1968, the Japanese chemical company Toagosei began selling a fast-bonding glue called Aron Alpha. The name didn't exactly roll off the tongue. But neither did the glue's chemical name,…

4 Legal Issues Brands Need to Understand Before Livestreaming on Periscope or Meerkat

It's easier than ever to create video—and headaches

Social marketing has always seemed dangerous for brands, and that's simply because things can go badly in real time. We've all seen the #fails. And now enter two live-streaming video apps that…

Chobani Gets Sued in a Case That Hinges on a Tweet

Author cites Twitter message in trademark infringement claim

Chobani and its agency Droga5 are being sued by inspirational author Dov Seidman, who is claiming the yogurt infringed on his trademark while lifting core concepts from his 2011 book,…