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Toyota's Scion Music Label Puts Artists First

Steve Aoki, The Black Lips and A$AP Rocky on board

In order to reach the coveted millennial demographic, Scion is attempting to speak to them through music. Since 2003—a year after the Toyota car brand was launched—it's run record label…

B.B. King's Warmth, Talent and Laid-Back Charm Made Him the Perfect Ad Star

The guitar legend was a 'sweetheart of a man'

For decades, B.B. King has been one of the world's most iconic guitarists and musical entrepreneurs. With a chain of blues clubs under his name and a lasting presence in…

Why Some Low-Rated TV Shows Keep Getting Renewed

Media blitzes and social engagement help endangered series avoid cancellation

Judgment day has arrived. As the broadcast networks locked in their schedules ahead of this week's upfronts, they decided the fate of their shows that were still on the ratings…

How Brands and YouTube Stars Are Hooking Up to Reach Millions of Millennials

5 case studies in marketing with original video content

It wasn't that long ago that marketers thought they were hip to YouTube by posting their TV commercials to the site and eking out a few extra eyeballs. But with…

Droga5, Morgan Spurlock Show You How the Toyota Mirai Is 'Fueled by Bullsh*t'

Fuel cell vehicle harvests its hydrogen

Toyota wants you to know it has a car that literally runs on bullshit. This new ad for the automaker's Mirai fuel cell vehicle features an engineer visiting a dairy farm,…

Toyota Test Drives Forbes' New Sponsored Content Platform

Pulse gives brands a 'high-touch' experience

In November 2010, launched BrandVoice at a time when the concept of native advertising wasn't well known. Five years later, the site is rolling out a new sponsored content…

Toyota Japan Goes Deep With One of the Most Delightful Baseball Ads in a Long Time

Taking it to the streets

Some people complain that modern baseball games last too long, but the one in this Japanese ad for Toyota's G cars will make you root for extra innings. Salarymen and businesswomen…

Toyota Challenges Meteorologists to Drive Around With Sunroofs Synced to Their Forecasts

Get it wrong, and pay the price

Everyone loves to complain about the weatherman messing up the forecast, but Toyota decided to actually do something about it. At least, that's the premise of this new reality-style ad for…

This Year's Most High-Stakes Super Bowl Showdown Is YouTube vs. Facebook

How both sites stack up in the battle for brands

If you visit YouTube during the Super Bowl, you likely won't miss Anheuser-Busch, which bought the masthead of Google's video site. But the brewer's also going big on Facebook, where it's…

Ad of the Day: Paralympic Snowboarder Amy Purdy Perseveres in Toyota's Super Bowl Spot

She runs, dances, cycles—and models, too

Toyota is out with one of its two Super Bowl ads, and it's going hard for the inspirational route. As promised, actress and Paralympic snowboarder Amy Purdy stars in "How Great…