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Watch People Climb Toyota and Saatchi's Insane RAV4 Rock Wall in Times Square

Scaling new heights in NYC

We're three months into 2016, and it might be the year advertisers redefined the billboard. We've already seen obnoxious, stupid yet fun billboards that play with the form in delightful ways. And last week,…

Toyota Japan Tells the Same Story Twice in This Really Lovely Father's Day Ad

Dad's view, and then his daughter's

Toyota is celebrating Father's Day with a sweet ad about a dad and his daughter's relationship through the years—told from both perspectives. The three-and-a-half minute montage first tells the story from…

Droga5, Morgan Spurlock Show You How the Toyota Mirai Is 'Fueled by Bullsh*t'

Fuel cell vehicle harvests its hydrogen

Toyota wants you to know it has a car that literally runs on bullshit. This new ad for the automaker's Mirai fuel cell vehicle features an engineer visiting a dairy farm,…

Toyota Japan Goes Deep With One of the Most Delightful Baseball Ads in a Long Time

Taking it to the streets

Some people complain that modern baseball games last too long, but the one in this Japanese ad for Toyota's G cars will make you root for extra innings. Salarymen and businesswomen…

Toyota Challenges Meteorologists to Drive Around With Sunroofs Synced to Their Forecasts

Get it wrong, and pay the price

Everyone loves to complain about the weatherman messing up the forecast, but Toyota decided to actually do something about it. At least, that's the premise of this new reality-style ad for…

Toyota Dealer Makes the Year's Most Cringeworthy SNL Parody With 'Keys in a Box'

Pretty well done, actually

Almost eight years later, "Dick in a Box" lives on as one of Saturday Night Live's more hilarious digital shorts. And since there are no rules that say that jokes…

Nolan Gould Stars in the Cutest PSA Yet for Keeping Beaches Clean

Teen romance is awkward, and so is littering

Everyone can recall the palm-sweating bumbling of trying to kiss a date for the first time. But Toyota TogetherGreen, a partnership with the National Audubon Society that supports community-based conservation…

Sweet, Goofy Toyota Spot Transforms Prague Streets Into a Choose-Your-Own Musical Adventure

Lots of enthusiastic, off-key singing

In today's episode of “Fun Public Marketing Stunts That Aren't Firmly Connected to the Actual Product,” Saatchi & Saatchi Europe turned Prague into a giant karaoke machine on behalf of…

Kids' Ideas for the Car of the Future Will Warm Your Cold, Old Heart

Concepts in Toyota contest could save the world

Live long enough and you just might see an automobile that sucks up discarded plastic bottles anteater-style through its front and spits them out the back as recycled plastic bricks…

Japanese Toyota Ad With Dancing Gorilla Is So Preposterous, It's Actually Great

Just try to look away

Imagine, if you will, "What Does the Fox Say?" Now, picture Psy's "Gangnam Style" mating with it. Oh, and now throw in the Cadbury gorilla. Think adver-dance-ment. Got it? Good. Now press…