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How a Milwaukee Agency Made Some Simply Stunning Tourism Ads for Wyoming

BVK's path to capturing 'epic intimacy'

People say print advertising is dying, but pretty regularly we see tourism campaigns that show its continuing power—not surprisingly, as tourism ads always hold that promise of delivering breathtaking visuals…

Belize Offers a Free, Relaxing Vacation to Next Stressed-Out NFL Kicker to Miss

Adam Vinatieri and Nick Novak have first shot tonight

NFL kickers seem to be stressed out this season, as there's been a rash of missed kicks, including 18 this past week alone. But now, the country of Belize is…

How 2 Creatives Made It Easier for English Speakers to Pronounce São Paulo's Street Names

Advancing tourist literacy in Brazil

Worried about how you'll get around on your next trip to Brazil? Seeing how much trouble tourists have pronouncing Portuguese street names—which is crucial even in major cities like São Paulo,…

This Japanese City Created a Street View for Cats (and for Humans, Too)

The lowdown on a fun tourism campaign

Over in the magical land of Japan, the tourism board of Hiroshima prefecture has created street view for cats. That's right—a site that offers a cat's-eye look at the city…

Why New Orleans Tourism Is Soaring 10 Years After Katrina

A vigorous recovery, driven first by empathy and now by enthusiasm

As the world's media trains its lens on New Orleans for the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina tomorrow, stories have focused both on the tragedy and on the city's comeback.…

Why JWT's Chairman Wants to Talk About Rhode Island Tourism

Bob Jeffrey lends a hand on small-budget assignment

So why is JWT's Bob Jeffrey calling Adweek about Rhode Island's tourism review? The account is a small one by big-agency standards—an annual budget of $5 million—and surely there are sexier…

Yodeling Country Man Charms Stressed City Dwellers on Live Ad in Swiss Tourism Stunt

It's now or never

Here's a fun stunt. To promote tourism, the rural Swiss region of Graubünden got an affable gray-bearded man to yell in real time from a digital screen to passersby in…

See Why Visiting This L.A. Suburb Is Like Stepping Into a Wes Anderson Film

Wallop Creative's spot-on spoof for Claremont, Calif.

Nestled on the eastern border of bustling Los Angeles, there's a picturesque suburb that, according to Vancouver-based agency Wallop Film, is one of the "best-kept secrets of L.A." Claremont, Calif.—a college…

This Indie Band Sang About Tennessee at 35,000 Feet on a Southwest Flight

Taking the state's tourism campaign up a notch

Passengers of a Southwest Airlines flight traveling from Dallas, Texas, to Memphis, Tennessee, were treated to some unusual in-flight entertainment Tuesday. When the plane reached 35,000 feet, indie rock band…

South Dakota's Official Ad Campaign Asks: 'Why Die on Mars When You Can Live Here?'

A wasteland not quite as barren

South Dakota sets the bar low with a new ad campaign that basically says, "Hey, at least we're not Mars." Aimed at both tourists and potential long-term residents, the campaign—developed by…