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Dad Obsessed With Indie Movies Tells His Girl the World's Worst Bedtime Story

Newport Beach's latest insane ad

From the folks who brought you "Mandible," perhaps the most twisted film-festival promo in history, comes a sequel that's also messed up—if less visually gruesome. RPA and Tool's new spot for…

Is This the Most Horrifying Film-Festival Ad Ever?

RPA and Tool's gruesome seven minutes for Newport Beach

IDEA: "It's only a movie." That was Alfred Hitchcock's line to actors who took themselves too seriously. But it's also literally true for viewers. What feels like a lived experience…

JAM With Chrome Brings Agoraphobic Rock Stars Together

Google's online music-playing app

Hey, Google Chrome, are you ready to rock?! The answer is a resounding "Sort of!"—thanks to an interactive Web app called JAM With Chrome, which uses Google's browser and various…

JFK Library Relives the Cuban Missile Crisis, and Asks: 'What If?'

Harrowingly impressive interactive experience

While suitably impressive as a whole, the most stirring element of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum's immensely detailed and immersive "Clouds Over Cuba" interactive presentation is the…

Ben & Jerry's Enables Rampant Spooning With New App

'Wanna Spoon?' finds your perfect partner

Imagine my disappointment when I realized that the name of Ben & Jerry's new Facebook app "Wanna Spoon?" refers to sharing Greek frozen yogurt rather than engaging in a snuggly,…