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Obama Nominates GOP Commissioner for FCC

O'Rielly likely to be paired with Wheeler for full Senate approval

At no surprise to anyone in Washington, President Obama today named longtime GOP congressional staffer Michael O'Rielly to be the next commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission. O'Rielly, a top telecom…

Senate Commerce Votes to Approve Tom Wheeler as Next FCC Chairman

Full Senate approval could take a couple more months

Telecom vet and Obama loyalist Tom Wheeler has passed the first hurdle on his way to becoming the next chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. In a voice vote, the…

Rep. Greg Walden Renews Push for FCC Changes

Despite political obstacles, will he succeed this time?

Not much has changed politically since last Congress when Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.), head of the House subcommittee on communications and technology, introduced a pair of bills to reform how…

Conservative Groups Urge Senate to Block Wheeler Over Broadcast Indecency

FCC nominee's vague position fails to satisfy Morality in Media and others

Tom Wheeler (D), President Obama's nominee for chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, may be feeling the heat of the position even before he's confirmed. Led by Morality in Media, a…

FCC Chairman Nominee Says Broadband Is Top Priority

Wheeler less clear on other commission issues

Like the Federal Communications Commission chairman before him, Tom Wheeler is a broadband and wireless devotee, which should come as no surprise to anyone who is familiar with President Obama’s…

FCC Nominee Chair Plays Up His Business Experience

His lobbying experience is likely to come under scrutiny, though

Tom Wheeler, nicknamed the "Bo Jackson of telecom" when he was nominated by President Obama for Federal Communications Commission chairman, is expected to tell the Senate commerce Tuesday that his…

The Big Items on the FCC’s To-Do List

Much work to be done

Did anyone really think that Julius Genachowski wouldn’t leave the media ownership rules for the next guy? Or the always-in-court, nearly impossible to legally defend broadcast indecency rules? Even with…

Clyburn Makes History at FCC

Obama's nominee for chairman waits for hearing

Mignon Clyburn (D) makes history today as the first woman to head up the Federal Communications Commission. That history, however, will be short-lived. Clyburn is only keeping the seat warm…

Rockefeller Finally Weighs In on Wheeler FCC Nom

Statement from Commerce Committee chair highly anticipated

Maybe because everyone in Washington already spent months chewing over Tom Wheeler's qualifications as the next chairman of the Federal Communications Commission—or maybe it was because Congress was on a…

Obama Nominates Wheeler to Head FCC [Updated]

'The Bo Jackson of telecom'

In a move that came as no surprise to anyone inside the Beltway, President Obama today nominated Tom Wheeler to head the Federal Communications Commission. Wheeler, an ally and fundraiser…