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Millennial Models Like Gigi Hadid, Fueled by Social, Are Hitting the Fashion Stratosphere

Fans favor bold personalities, not just beauty

It's about 6 p.m. on a chilly Tuesday in late March, and model Gigi Hadid, equipped with a jar of charcoal pencils, is gleefully scrawling enormous hashtags on the stark…

Erika Linder Locks Lips Like One of the Boys in Tom Ford Ad

Androgynous model's latest star turn

But there's a big difference between Ford's previous approach of showing lipstick lesbians and selling your lipstick to actual lesbians. In fact, if you don't know what she looks like (hint:…

The Breast of Advertising

From Hooters to the cover of 'Time,' does the strategy sell or repel?

Sales were “crazy, crazy,” at Sal Ali’s grocery and news shop in Manhattan, where issues of Time magazine featuring a controversial cover on attachment parenting were selling off the rack.…

A nipple-biting crow flies in for Tom Ford ad

One word that instantly springs to mind when I think of Tom Ford's advertising: unrepentant. What does the company sell, anyway? Clothes? Eyewear? Perfume? Nipples? There's one of those…