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Traffic Cop Shockingly Lifts NYC Taxi, but It's the Ad Up Top That's the Giveaway

Thinkmodo has a heart in latest prank

It turns out Thinkmodo can thrill people, not just scare them. The viral marketing agency, best known for its frighteningly good Carrie and Devil's Due prank videos, takes a refreshingly different…

Ouija Board Reader Brings Eye-Bulging Terror to This Latest Horror-Movie Ad Stunt

From the makers of the Carrie and devil-baby virals

You're asking for trouble if you visit a ouija board reader. But these poor Brooklynites got even more than they bargained for. Thinkmodo, the agency behind the Carrie and Devil's Due…

Adweek's Top 5 Commercials of the Week: Jan. 10-17

Inspiring to horrifying. Vote for your favorite spot

In this week's battle of the brands, four spots—for Guinness, Sony, Apple and Duracell—seek to strum an inspired chord within us. But a fourth, for the horror film Devil's Due,…

Latest Horror-Movie Ad Prank, With a Screaming Devil Baby, Is Completely Messed Up

Thinkmodo strikes again

Here's one baby that no one's expecting. "Devil Baby Attack," a rather mean-spirited if grimly hilarious marketing stunt for the upcoming horror film Devil's Due, shows what happens when well-meaning…

Meet Andrea Morales, the Screaming Star of That Crazy Carrie Video

Actress reflects on her 'absolutely insane' week

Ten days ago, she was another mostly unknown actress in New York City. Since then, 40 million people have watched her scream her lungs out and lift a grown man…

Adweek's Top 10 Commercials of the Week

Kate Upton, Lorde and a girl with even greater powers headline a good week for the ladies

Horror-Movie Stunt With Freaky Telekinetic Girl Is Frighteningly Good

Thinkmodo strikes again

Prankvertising can be annoying. Aggressively messing with people for questionable purposes is, after all, obnoxious behavior. But when it promotes something that is intended itself to be scary, it can…

Man Who Supposedly Lived in the Astor Place Cube Is Just an Ad for Something

Thinkmodo stunt

Surprise. That video about a guy living inside the giant metal cube at Astor Place was a marketing stunt all along. And by surprise, we mean, of course, duh. No…

Prankvertising: Are Outrageous Marketing Stunts Worth the Risks?

Liabilities galore

You’re waiting for the elevator in an office building, minding your own business, perhaps lost in thought. The door slides open and, wham! You’re confronted by a scene of intense…

Making Viral Matter

For thinkmodo it aways begins with a brand new idea

Making viral marketing work with thinkmodo