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This Company Is Creating Branded Highlight Videos for Canada's Olympic Coverage

Sport Chek's spots air during CBC broadcasts

Canadian sports retailer Sport Chek has constructed a war room for its Olympics coverage, using real-time footage of the games to create supercuts highlighting Canadian Olympians for 90-second spots. The resulting…

TBWA\Chiat\Day Names New Executive Leadership Team in Los Angeles

Agency promotes chairman, creative and strategic chiefs

The Los Angeles office of TBWA\Chiat\Day announced a series of promotions today, naming three new leaders in its creative and strategy departments. Chief creative officer Stephen Butler has been promoted to…

TBWA\Chiat\Day Hires Old Navy's Top Marketer to Lead Its Los Angeles Division

Erin Riley returns to the agency world

Today, TBWA\Chiat\Day announced it has hired Erin Riley to serve as president of its Los Angeles office. Riley joins the Omnicom network after serving as vp of marketing and brand engagement…

McDonald's Turns Placemats Into Little Music Production Stations Connected to Your Phone

TBWA introduces McTrax

Wasn't it fun when we were kids to doodle on restaurants' paper placements with crayons? Well, McDonald's has introduced a high-tech, musical version of that sort of play with McTrax—a…

Ad of the Day: TBWA Helps to Train Medical Students … Using Origami, Sushi and Insects

Agency dreams up 'Surgeon Tryouts' in Japan

In Japan, TBWA isn't just making ads. It's coming up with new—and quite peculiar—ways to identify medical students who have the dexterity to make brilliant surgeons. Kurashiki Central Hospital, a large…

Omnicom Wants to Disrupt Healthcare Marketing With a Newly Forged Agency

Sharon Callahan will lead TBWA\WorldHealth

Omnicom has decided it's time to disrupt healthcare marketing. Today the holding company announced the launch of TBWA\WorldHealth, combining the offices of agencies LLNS and Corbett to create a global…

Ad of the Day: Remarkable, Surreal Ad Casts LGBT Struggles as an Obstacle Course

Step into the shoes of a lifelong warrior

The war for equality advances in fits and starts. And for those who aren't in the line of fire, it's easy to assume the work is done with a few…

TBWA Names New Global Creative Lead for Nissan United

Neil Dawson returns to head up Omnicom's multi-agency unit

TBWA has rehired Neil Dawson to serve as global executive creative director at Nissan United, the dedicated multi-agency unit that Omnicom launched in 2013 to serve the Japanese auto giant. Dawson…

Ad of the Day: Cookie Monster Bakes, and Frets, and Pleads With Siri, in Funny iPhone Ad

Patience is not his virtue

Apple didn't use celebrities in its early iPhone advertising, preferring product demos that showed what the device could actually do. That's all changed in recent years, of course—as Apple learned…

Ad of the Day: Pizzeria Uses Periscope-Tracked Delivery Runners to Avoid Carbon Emissions

Going green and getting fit

How do you deliver pizza without hurting the environment? This chain in London got runners to do it. Sodo, a U.K. pizzeria that specializes in locally and ethically sourced ingredients, has…