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To Introduce Big King in Brazil, Burger King 'Flame-Grills' Big Mac Superfans

David São Paulo converts, tattoos McD's devotees

How to convince fast-food diners that Burger King's Big King burger is a superior option to the iconic McDonald's Big Mac? Invite Golden Arches superfans to Brazil, feed them the…

21 Designers Show Off Their Tattoos, and Tell the Stories Behind Them

From nerdy to sublime

There's a certain amount of pressure on designers when they decide to get tattoos. It's like a hairdresser's hairstyle, or an architect's home—the choices you make seem weightier, more personal…

Reebok Offers 1-Year Fitness Package to Whoever Gets the Biggest Reebok Tattoo

1-day contest in Sweden has $5,800 prize

Reebok is offering fitness junkies a chance to earn a yearlong sponsorship deal worth about $5,800, with a major catch: the prize will only go to the fanatic who gets the…

Employees Get Tattoos of Company's Logo in Exchange for 15 Percent Raises

Rapid Realty's tempting offer

Get scarred for life for a little extra cash! That's the tempting offer being floated by New York City's Rapid Realty, which is offering employees 15 percent raises if they…

New Tattoos Made Just for Women

Coming to an ankle near you, the “Lady-Like” tattoo

As a mother of three, Shelly Coffman didn’t really have a ton of extra time to become a “mompreneur,” but she did. And with her MBA and an extensive background…

Sad Humans Stuck With Tattoos of Dot-Coms That No Longer Exist

You knew it was a bad idea

BuzzFeed's article about human billboards—defined here as people who tattoo advertisements or brand logos on themselves—is quite illuminating, if a little tragic. After all, a lot of the startup companies…

Sailor Jerry Rum Giving Away 101 Tattoos

Honors namesake's 101st birthday

Sailor Jerry Rum is giving away 101 free tattoos to honor what would have been the 101st birthday of the brand's namesake—tattoo artist Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins. (Alas, Collins died…

Man's Animated Tattoo Brought to You by Ballantine's Whisky

Tat-vertising seems to be all the rage. People get some sort of twisted pleasure from watching other people permanently etch crap on their bodies on behalf of brands. (It's probably…