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Why This Newspaper Ran an Issue With No Photos After Publishing a Disturbing Refugee Image

Editor: Shielding readers just makes 'the needy more invisible'

Few photos in recent memory have had the devastating emotional impact of last week's pictures showing a Syrian toddler drowned on a Turkish beach. Many news outlets were criticized for running…

Stunning PSA Shifts Time to Undo the Killing on a Syrian School Playground

NGOs band together in appeal to UN

Martin Stirling already directed one powerful PSA about Syria—Save the Children's incredible spot from last spring, which imagined if the crisis were taking place in London. But the Unit 9…

Banksy Reworks 'Balloon Girl' in Campaign for Syria's Children

Idris Elba voices Sunshine spot

Banksy's "Balloon Girl" provides a fitting image for the children whose lives have been ravaged by Syria's civil war, which just entered its third year. The British street artist drew some…

Heartbreaking PSA Features Real Quotes From Syrian Children, Voiced by Stephen Hawking

'I cry all the time'

The children of Syria don’t have a voice, so rock star physicist Stephen Hawking is lending them his. Hawking is a man who knows what it's like to live without a…

Three Years Later, We Finally Have a Brutally Powerful Ad About the Crisis in Syria

A girl's life destroyed in one second a day

For PSA campaigns aimed at getting people to help the children of Syria, job one is making the crisis feel immediate rather than remote. Last month's hidden-camera stunt in Norway, in…

The Onion Explains Twitter Hack

Humor site offers serious advice for avoiding attacks

The Onion—a publication that doesn't even offer real news—seems like an odd target for the Syrian Electronic Army, but the satirical news site claimed its Twitter account fell victim to…

This Is Not a Joke: The Onion Hacked by Syrians

Parody site responds with parody

Hackers seized The Onion's Twitter feed on Monday, posting anti-Israel and pro-Syrian government messages to the parody news site's nearly 5 million followers. Though the incident recalled The Onion's 2009 parody…

Syria Cuts the Internet

Government halts connection, hoping to halt protests

Syria pulled the plug on the Internet. As an unwavering anti-government movement continues to demonstrate against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, government officials blocked most of the country’s Internet network, cutting…