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Why So Many People Leave Advertising

4A's and LinkedIn study highlights factors behind low morale

The battle for talent has always been a great concern for agencies, and a new study from the 4A's in partnership with LinkedIn illuminates some of the top reasons agency…

New Survey Shows the Gap Between Clients and Agencies on Issues Like Compensation and Briefs

ANA attempts to measure the rift

A new Association of National Advertisers survey of marketers and agencies reveals (perhaps not too surprisingly) little harmony and much discord. While marketing and agency leaders agree that agencies are valuable…

A Surprising Look at the Brands That Connect Best With Today's Cultural Priorities

JWT top planners on their 'Culture Muscle' findings

How can you measure a brand's relevance to today's culture? That's the core question behind JWT's new research methodology, Culture Muscle, which polls consumers on how brands relate to a dozen…

Tension Mounts Between Marketers and Agencies Over Data, Tech and Social

Survey finds brands want shops to know more while paying them less

Marketers expect agencies to know more about data, technology and social media but are they willing to pay for it? In a new survey from RSW/US, top marketing executives were asked…

These Stats Prove Femvertising Works

'Why would I buy from a company that doesn't respect me?' one survey respondent asks

What makes a woman more likely to chose one brand over another? A new SheKnows Fem-vertising Survey found that 52 percent of women admitted to buying a product because they liked…

Moms Shopping for Baby Gear Are Swayed by Online Recommendations

BabyCenter survey charts the trend among different income brackets

A new survey from BabyCenter finds that nearly two-thirds of upper-income millennial moms are influenced by online recommendations when shopping for baby gear. Findings from the Johnson & Johnson-owned site indicate…

Even Millennials Worry About Their Online Past

Their friends are spilling secrets

With social networking on the rise, people have quickly come to realize that keeping their private lives private is increasingly out of their hands. A survey by JWT found that…

Data Points: Good Times, Bad Times

Americans are upbeat about their kids and their own lives, but have a dim outlook on the economy and the younger generation in general

Americans still believe in themselves, their friends and family. But in areas further outside their control, like their jobs and the economy, optimism wanes, and along with it, consumer spending,…

Service Pairs Brands, Stars

FanDNA finds new avenue for celebrity marketing

There’s a new way to measure celebrity fandom—and potentially sell brands in the process. It’s called FanDNA, and it’s pitching itself as an alternative to the established Marketing Evaluations’ Q ratings…

Google Boasts Pristine Reputation

Survey Says Company Is Most Reputable

According to a survey of 30,000 respondents, Google is the most reputable company in the United States. A new Harris Interactive poll shows the search engine giant outperformed other highly…