Topic: Surfing

Surfers Are Audacious Snails in Samsung's Latest Paean to the Waves

Considering an ineffable drive

Why did the snail cross the road? To go shoot the curl, of course. This new ad for Samsung frames the enterprising spirit (or, skeptics might say, the biological hardwiring) of…

Ad of the Day: Samsung's Digital Surfboard Shows Riders Tweets and Sea Conditions

Making surfing less lonely, one smartphone at a time

Samsung has created a smart surfboard. The internet-connected sporting gear is the focus of a new ad from Leo Burnett Tailor Made, featuring Brazilian surfer Gabriel Medina.  Obligatory footage of crashing waves…

KFC Comically Re-enacts Mick Fanning's Shark Attack, but He's Not Laughing

Surfer's family protests South African spot

It was the shark attack caught on a live surfing broadcast, and then seen around the world. But Mick Fanning's family is condemning a comical new KFC ad that revisits…

Ad of the Day: Every Wave Is Your First in Samsung's Lovely Celebration of Surfing

Haunting Bowie cover fuels ominous but uplifting spot

"The first time you hold a surfboard, the first time you ride a wave, the first time you get barreled, the first time you win a world title—it doesn't matter…

Is This Surfing Ad From Roxy Apparel Too Sexy for Its Own Good?

Teaser with Stephanie Gilmore provokes outcry

Surf and sports apparel brand Roxy's teaser ad for the Pro Biarritz 2013 surfing contest, which it's sponsoring, is more about butts than surfing, which hasn't sat well with some…

Poop Monster Pleads for Cleaner Beaches

This Monday of general unpleasantness continues on AdFreak with a print ad for Surfers Against Sewage, whose message is pungently clear. The British environmental group teamed up with M&C Saatchi…