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Speed Rapper With a Dying Phone Battery Shocks Passersby With His Fast Talking

Asus stunt promotes 38-day battery life

"You want lasagna for dinner?/Ricotta's a winner/I'm thinking' bout a little pasta with some sauce in the center." Speed rapper Mac Lethal busts out those lines and a whole lot more…

Asus Has Finally Created the Perfect Digital Device for Birds With Arms

An odd meme becomes a tablet's marketing campaign

Stop it, you're quilling me. Birds with tiny human arms and hands soar in sublimely silly style thanks to SuperHeroes's first global campaign for the Asus Transformer T100 2-in-1. This is…

Adults Apparently Wanted Underoos So Badly, They're Already Sold Out

Hot Topic strikes retro gold

Never underestimate the power of nostalgia, even in the form of quasi-ironic undergarments. Internet users of a certain age have been abuzz over the past 24 hours about a new line…

Designer Brews Up a Super Set of Comic Book Beer Labels

Knock back a Justice League lager

For adult comic fans, superheroes and beer always go together. But Orlando, Fla.-based graphic designer Marcelo Rizzetto is taking that pairing to a new level by creating beers inspired by…

LG Monitors Are So Lifelike, They'll Stop You From Urinating Properly

Men's room stunt from Amsterdam

LG is making a splash with bathroom humor in its latest piece of prankvertising. Marketing shop SuperHeroes installed ultra-wide LG IPS 21:9 monitors at eye level above urinals in a…

If Superheroes Had Brand Sponsors

Roberto Vergati Santos imagines some heroic endorsements

Hey, being a superhero is expensive. Costume constantly getting scorched by alien eye-lasers, secret Arctic sanctum's coffeemaker always on the fritz … it adds up. So, what if superheroes had…

Unsuspecting Elevator Riders Get Shafted in LG's Latest Viral Spot

Colors so real, you'll think you're about to die

Somewhere between Crank Yankers and Ashton Kutcher, pranking unsuspecting people for the benefit of your brand has become popular. Case in point: LG set out to prove that its IPS…

Serra Honda Man Terminates the Rusty Forces of Evil

Superhero of savings returns for new ads

Everyone's favorite corpulent Alabama-based automotive superhero, Serra Honda Man, is back with a new commercial co-starring Serra Honda Girl. Together, they put a rusted hunk of metal in his place—by…