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The Holidays Are a Scream for StubHub's Talking Tree

Adding to the chaos of the season

If a tree falls in the forest, and it's StubHub's talking ticket tree, I hope I'm not there to hear it, because the unholy wailing sound it makes will shatter…

StubHub's Tweeter Was Obscenely Happy to Leave Work on Friday

Another day, another brand fail

Let's all say it together: If you have access to a brand's Twitter account, make sure you log out before posting an offensive personal tweet. For the second time in…

StubHub Proves Tickets Really Do Grow on Trees

Shady character returns in Duncan/Channon spot

Here's an outsized marketing mascot who's never stumped when it comes to providing sports, concert and theater tickets. StubHub's talking, animatronic oak tree, which debuted back in the spring, returns…